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The new Ultimadrone Propellers Fix Kit prevents your Inspire 2’s propellers from rattling due to a well known original defect. The kit dramatically extends DJI's original propellers life. Ultimadrone is an original patent pending solution, that completely integrates with the original design of the drone, and will not void your warranty.

Unlike most other partial solutions, which too often tamper with the original hardware or are ugly and intrusive, this Kit’s design and allows for performance increase (less vibrations / more stability) and allows the original propellers to last many times over the current shelf life. It also makes third party and sometimes questionable in quality propellers quite useless. Visit website +

Main Features

The fix includes all components for both arms.
• It comes with 4 x .005" (0.12mm) adaptors and 2 x .006" (0.16mm) adaptors.
Does not require any tampering with original parts or screws.
• Dramatically extends the life of DJI's original propellers.
Adds stability in flight.
• It’s 100% non intrusive, it will not void your warranty.

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