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Situated inside the exclusive Sian Ka’an, a UNESCO heritage site in Tulum, Casa Niños is an unforgettable luxury retreat. This 3-bedroom beach house offers a secluded and private retreat without the long haul into the deep reaches of the biosphere reserve. We designed a logo and created an online brand and presence to allow potential visitors to get the feel of Casa Niños' atmosphere.

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Branding & Web design

Inspired by an incredible location

Casa Niños is situated in the most exclusive beach front location possible, inside the protected Sian Ka’an jungle, a UNESCO heritage site. It is directly on the beach, inside the biosphere. Apart from it’s location the most recognizable feature of Casa Niños is definitely the design style and the architecture that distinguishes the luxury retreat from everything else in the Sian Ka’an and Tulum area. That’s why it was mandatory to design a graphic identity that would work along side the architecture.

The logo depicts the recognizable form of Casa Niños bungalows, an effortless blend of rustic and modern. Casa Niños is a luxury retreat raised above the intense blue ocean that reaches across the horizon in one direction and the lush green jungle in the opposite direction. We drew inspiration from the surrounding color palette and used those throughout the whole website. We designed a set of icons to better explain each feature and comfort of Casa Niños. The high def aerial drone photography and videos from Scapeviews help the website visitors emerse themselves into the breezes of the Bioshpere.

Casa Niños, Sian Ka'an, Tulum, Mexico, Atellani
Casa Niños, Sian Ka'an, Tulum, Mexico, Atellani
Casa Niños, Sian Ka'an, Tulum, Mexico, Atellani
Casa Niños, Sian Ka'an, Tulum, Mexico, Atellani
Casa Niños, Sian Ka'an, Tulum, Mexico, Atellani


"Excellent property. Be adviced you are paying for privacy here. One of the best properties in the Rivera Maya."

Hector, Airbnb

"This place blew us away. It was absurdly beautiful and secluded - a couple miles from the primary hotel section of Tulum. The staff is friendly and will adjust to whatever schedule you like. (...) This was probably the best place my group and I have ever stayed at. We will be back.""

Carlos, Airbnb

"This is a gem! The villa is simple but perfect. Comfortable beds and sitting areas and an excellent well equipped kitchen. The location on the beach in the biosphere could not be more perfect. (...) Highly recommended!"

Raina, Airbnb

Social Media & Drone Photography

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